Monday, September 28, 2015

Ode to a Soulmate

Life they say is full of surprises, and he believe that
You live only once and not forever, and that’s sad
He once loved a girl, and all she gave him was tears
…the size of fruits hanging down from those trees of pears.

Reminiscing that day of January cold
Memories as precious as the glittering gold
She gently tapped on his Facebook page
Like a pious serene red-robed sage.

What started off with erratic ‘Hi’ and delayed ‘Bye’
Has now colored his life in a rainbow of dye
Epic chats and bizarre sleep-time
Had her wondering if she were committing a crime?

“Be happy and follow your heart
Yours have endured many hits of hurtful darts
Ripped you off your conjugal charm
Yet you would do him but no harm.”
Bearing those words a fairy wafted above her pillow
As she lay there crestfallen under the weeping willow
She began turning a new leaf and embracing life
Albeit with memories from the past so rife.

So on a chilly wintry evenin’ they agreed to meet
A rendezvous built from butterfly-bellies and racing heart beat
That moment when he followed her car
Is now etched in his memory like a life-long scar.

Each oblivious to the fact that one had beer and the other wine
They sat across each other to dine
In restless preparation for the awaited meet
That even under the wintry sky, he was but brimmed with nervous heat.

Far across and away from human eyes
Where a majestic pine tree lies
When she called the rising moon Fire
Only now he knows that her eyesight were so dire.

From the meandering roads they drove under the stars
To the fine wine and beer in the metallic jars
He sang her melodious thematic songs
Not realizing it was already dawn before long.
From the wide hills and vales of the west
Down to the warm foothills they went to rest
They hugged and kissed watching the city lights
As distant fireworks attained new heights.

As they stole the silence of the night
The woods and creepy creatures spied on them without light
Sharing tales, shedding tears and singing tunes
Alas! But life’s like a fleeting sand dune.

When he looked at her, she was but a mirror
So he pulled her closer and nearer
Only to see that she was in aching tears
As realization of transitory joy were in high gears.

So days turned into weeks into months of joy
After scores of weeks of togetherness, yet they were still coy
As he stroked her jet-black hair with his fingers
Tranquil peace and joyful serenity lingers.

As he watched her pull that stick of smoke
He held her hands and pleaded as it made him choke
“I will stop smoking when the day comes.”
And that’s how she made him chew on some gums.
In the book of happiness that life offered them
Each page had them wonder if the next chapter would be the same
But as long as they remain the authors of their book
They decided not to give critics any look.

With chats that rolled through the length of the day
With each popping messages making them both gleefully gay
As the call crossed over to the other side of the midnight
He had no choice but to wish her a half-hearted Goodnight.

As their daily ritual continued and happiness only grew
Some nights they talked until they could see on leaves droplets of dews
The love and elation that they never received and felt in their past
Each day they pray that it will go on and on and never be their last.

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