Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Butterfly Diary

Capturing moments has become one of my favorite interests of late. It began after Android phones with high pixel in-built cameras made foray into the market. And that was when I learnt that one do not need a high definition SLR camera to shoot beautiful pictures. The most important factor that goes into creating an impressive photograph for me has been patience and timing. Some might say it is luck that plays a part and that someone’s lucky when he is able to take a really good picture but I would say it’s not luck. Being lucky is winning a lottery. For a rookie like me, who has been shooting pictures with a mobile phone camera, being able to take some delicious shots has always been possible due to patience, timing, light and opportunity. More often than not the outcome, or, should I say the end image product, has always inspired me to keep going. 

So, yet again, I have chosen today of all days, to revive my dormant blog and ring out a statement of sorts that all is not really dead with my blog. It still breathes in oxygen and as long as it does that, it shall live and live long it shall. 

From a host of pictures that I have been able to take from my journey in life, I have decided to post them here under fitting categories.

First on the list is a lone colorful butterfly that I was able to discreetly follow and capture. Attracted by the conspicuous petals and leaves of different hues, it glided into the garden. No sooner had it landed there than I leapt from my hiding place, zoomed in on it, and imprinted on my device the colorful spectacle that unfolded itself on a blade of a maize and large leaves of a pumpkin. 

I still remember how shy and lively it was as I went after it craning my arm to catch a better shot. It wasn’t as easy as it appears but I am thankful that it rested momentarily, allowing me to take these colorful pictures which stand testimony to how truly beautiful it was.

That was last year during the year of the Serpent. We have come a long way since. The year of the Horse has come galloping and we are already mid-way through. Today, as I gather my faculties to write this, I cannot help but think about this beautiful creature, this work of art which captured not only the lens of my camera but also my heart. This piece is a tribute to your stunning beauty. I am unsure if you are still alive and floating daintily from one petal to the other. I say this because life is quite uncertain and more so in the wild where survival of the fittest is the rule of the game.