Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ramtokto pokto is burning!

I've been wondering what to post next on my blog. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. I said to myself, time and again, "Write something; your next post has been long overdue; do justice to your blog which you so passionately nurtured to life." But yet stood as it is, like the clich├ęd dorje tabue ku, same number of posts with the same number of followers; no tangible change came forth. And so passed the second month after my last post! 

I do not know if words engraved on the face of my blog could speak but last night they did. I woke up when everyone was long dead – dead yet breathing in their slumber. After 90 minutes of European Championship live action which saw some top European Soccer Guns misfiring and displaying the worst performance in many years, it was almost dawn when I hit my bag. And not long after sleep shut all my senses out, albeit superficially for a passing moment, I had words from my blog talking to me! It sounded like from across valleys and ridges, yet the message was loud and clear –  they were pleading for generosity in unison. They wanted me to pen down pieces and keep the supply flowing.

So, I have chosen today, of all days, to post a poem which I have written sometime in March. I was staying in Babesa then and was witness to the wild fire which raged and razed the distant Ramtokto hillside. The heavens did not open during the fire, but wept incessantly, after the flames had been doused. 

It was a sunny warm breezy day
With my mood a high gleeful gay
The sun was high over my head
and I lay like a man dead

But now the sun's gone
Did you take it John?
I looked into the azure sky
and wished I'd rather die

The sky was but filled with smoke
Surely now, the gods will holy choke
The shining steely globe
Was marooned like a man in robe

The hill on the other side was burning
Big black smoke it was churning
The red inferno set a stag on fire
Left a crippled doe in a need so dire

Limbs raced and dashed up the hill
It was akin to a military drill
Fought they hard, the battle
Able to save, they did, a few cattle

When the sun was down and dark
And when there was but not even a lark
I thought it was all dead and doused
But in the dark were some embers aroused

So it raged and burned all night
With not a drop of rain in sight
Inestimable creatures were maimed and charred
When dawn broke, the hillside was all but scarred

High above the heavenly cloud
Few wept and many cried aloud
Grieved were they, by the scars
Just a few miles from where ply cars

Inconsolable were their pain
Would have brimmed by their tears, a drain
Disturbed and distressed, were the gods
That they finally burst open, to the earthly lords...