Monday, November 14, 2011

This troubled world of ours

‘Life isn’t fair,’ so they say
Brimmed with uncertainties and risks all day
Today is a day full of joy
Tomorrow it might be the battle of Troy

Far away in the continent black
Wells are dry and fleshes are slack
Sun burns, earth cracks and guns fire
A blind eye turned to a need so dire

Congo, Somalia, Libya and Iraq
Land of bountiful military barracks
‘Life is precious,’ so they say
Yet treated cheaply every day

In the land of Opium Poppy
With Int’l attention rather sloppy
Long after the fall of Osama
Can you bring peace to the land, Obama?

Panic and fear reign over the cities
With no one calling for peaceful treaties
Fingers fixed on triggers of gun
Down to rubble the cities burn

High above in the land of snow
Nuns and monks never know
When they might self-immolate
With the situation so desolate

Far in the rich lands of west
People lead a life of boundless zest
Money, power and ego’s life
And it leads to strife so rife

Far away from the lands of sin
Here I’m in a paradise clean
Fortunate I’m to be here
Livin’ to the fullest a life so dear