Monday, February 28, 2011

The Heart broken Angel

Here is a poem which I penned down one spring when I was nine months shy of my High School Graduation. The event(s) which brought about the 'poet' in me is but poignant. I still very vividly remember the cool Sunday morning when I upholstered my self on a comfortable 'V' of a willow and let words flow spontaneously, I wrote like a man possessed!

Lo! And behold, the divine goddess looks
Upon the craggy deep nooks
Scanning for the love she’d lost
Will she find her at any cost?

                                    She listens near her window pane
Trots up and down the narrow lane
Looking for the invaluable gem
Will she ever find the same?

“The goddess”, is what everyone called her
For she stood divine and tall
Oh! Now she’s amongst grotesque creatures
Without her loving features

Almighty lord! To thee we pray
With our offerings in here tray
Thou grace her find her lost love
And guide her along the unlit curve

Rain your blessing on the poor soul
Remedy her heart drenched so cold
Free the shackles of despair so strong
Prithee! Empower her nothing goes wrong

The blessed angel closed her eyes
Brimmed with ceaseless brine, she cries
Eyes open and pearls cascade down her face
As she slowly dragged off with an unsure pace

Afar in the lovely dark woods, magpies chattered
Heard it was down in the meadows scattered
Didst it eye the lone lover’s love??
For the corn in the fields were to serve
The leaves danced and the birds sang
And then, the distant church bell rang......

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